The Unofficial Beagle Desktop Usage Meter

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Version 1.0
Updated 4/10/2009

Beagle Technical Support does not provide support for this software!
Please do not contact them with questions or problems.  
While Keith at Beagle has seen it and encouraged me to release it, it remains unofficial.  
Support options are here.

The graphical desktop meter consists of two sections.  The upper green/red 'period' meter, and the lower blue 'usage' progress bar.  The lower 'usage' progress bar shows the percent of your monthly plan allocation that you have used so far.  The upper green/red 'period' meter shows how far through the plan period (month) you are.  As time passes during the month, the boundary between the green and red moves from left to right.  If you are using your downloads evenly over the month, the usage bar and the period meter will keep pace with each other.  If you are downloading heavily, the usage bar will overtake the period meter and be in the 'red' area.  If you are downloading lightly, the usage bar will be behind the period meter and be in the 'green' area.  Full detail text information is available and exportable. Always on top option available.  Minimises to system tray.  Many more details are in the application help file available after installation.

System Requirements
Windows Vista, XP,  2000, and  NT 4.0 running Internet Explorer 5.01 or later. These are related to the IE COM objects used for network access.  More details can be found on Microsoft's site here.

Known Issues

None so far, as no-one has asked me enough :-)

  1. Before contacting anyone, check the 'Troubleshooting' section of the help file!  It's available from the system tray menu.  Vista users note here.
  2. Next, use the discussion thread on the Whirlpool forum here.

If you find it useful for you, donations would be very greatfully recieved.  
Whim me on the Whirlpool forum here and I'll send you bank details for making a direct deposit or sending a cheque / money order.
Thank You :-)

Version Change Log
Added support for certain wireless plans that reduced fields in the XML feed.
Minor changes to the XML feed from Beagle caused failure. Changed the method used to validate the downloaded data to increase robustness. EXE is now compiled as Unicode rather than ANSI.
Corrected a GUI issue which prevented a refresh time of longer than 99 minutes being entered in the settings GUI
Initial public release